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'When the lights went out, all we could hear was the water' - Mother speaks about deluge that flooded home

A shocked mother whose home was engulfed by flood waters following Friday evening's torrential rain says there was nothing anyone could have done to stop the deluge.

Fire crews last night battled to save as many as 20 homes that were over taken by flood waters in County Clare.

One of those who home flooded was Grainne Flannery from the coastal village of Liscannor.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Ms Flannery said Friday’s evening torrential rain caused flooding “the like of which this area has never seen.”



More than 20 homes in Clare were flood by the rain last night

“It is like someone picked up our house and dropped it into the path of a river, I’ve never seen the like – we’re use to water coming in from the sea but not down from the hills.

“It was so strange to see. Sandbags would have been useless because the water was coming in from everywhere.”

Heavy rainfall overnight led to spot flooding in counties Clare, Galway, Limerick and Mayo.

Ms Flannery and her family were forced to leave their home last night as the flood waters continued to build up, saying that as they drove away from their home they could see dozen of cars left abandoned by the roadside.

Fire crews in Liscannor need to free to two people who were trapped in their car.

“There’s a small stream near our home that has always been a trickle… [but] last night there were huge pools of water everywhere – all the fields near us were swamped with water," said Ms Flannery.


Flood waters raging through a street in Clare

“It was terrifying because there’s no natural light in the area so when the night came and the power went, all you could hear was the sound of the water.

“It was just a torrent – I haven’t been home yet to see the full extent of the damage but as we left all the cobblestone and tar outside our home was washed away.

“Someone from the council came out to us last night but there was nothing he could do because while water usually finds a natural path to flow but last night it just kept changing direction.

“It seemed to keep finding new paths all night.”

Fearful now of similar flooding in the future, Ms Flannery said she was worried that there would be worse weather to come.

“When you hear there’s an orange status alert, you know what you’re in for – but this was completely different, we’ve never seen anything like it. Not in September.

“I just want to know how this happened because this area doesn’t get flooded like this. I want to know what’s changed. This shouldn’t happen now.

“I’m worried about October and November, is it going to be the same or even worse?”

Several floods were reported in Co Galway, including Inverin, Rossaveal and Carraroe.

Ballyvourney in Cork was also hit by spots floods yesterday evening with roads around the town affected by the deluge.

In Mayo, there was flooding on the Newport/ Glenhest Road about 2km from Newport and the AA are still warning the area should be avoided.

Meanwhile, in Kerry there is still flooding on the Castlemaine Road into Tralee.

Met Eireann has removed the mid-level Orange Alert that it issued yesterday ahead of the forecast of downpours.

Today will be drier and brighter, it said.

Heavy outbreaks of rain are expected to return tomorrow evening.

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