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Monday 18 December 2017

When a man loved two women...

Anne Harris

IT MAKES his sudden death a very difficult moment. Particularly socially. But only if society allows it to be that way.

There is no doubt Gerry Ryan’s love for his wife Morah was a consummate love. Their marriage lasted a very long time. It takes courage to acknowledge that a relationship is not working at a marriage level.

And it sometimes takes very little time to forge a new and different kind of relationship out of the ashes of a marriage.

Personal pain becomes secondary to the bond of parenting.

Gerry and Morah Ryan conducted their sundering with care for one another and their family. Media reports that their separation agreement was finalised is an indication that personal peace was now a reality.

Gerry Ryan had also found personal fulfilment with his partner of several years, Melanie Verwoerd.

There was no formal acknowledgement of that relationship as yet. It makes his death at this moment all the more poignant.

Melanie was loved by Gerry and was therefore a woman of great importance in his life. Nothing will change that. His death will not diminish her.

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