Monday 20 November 2017

Wheels still turning after a million kilometres

Kevin Keane

Ireland in 1986, and Jack Charlton arrives as the country's new soccer manager. Charles J Haughey is Taoiseach, and in Co Cavan, Willie McCormick bought a Ford Capri.

Twenty-five years on and the country has changed completely, but Willie's still behind the wheel of his Ford, one million kilometres later.

"I'm known as the man in the Capri. Every garage I go to, they say: 'You're still driving the Capri?' and they can hardly see me behind the wheel because I sit away back and down low."

And while most 25-year-old cars have either been scrapped or are carefully preserved in showrooms, Mr McCormick's is still used five days a week.

"They are a lovely, comfortable car. I like driving them and I was never let down by it. I used to do a lot of miles, I don't now because I'm getting old, as the fella says."

Nobody is sure how many miles the car has clocked up, but Mr McCormick is confident that the total lies above 753,000 miles (1.2 million km). "The clock stops at 100,000 miles and just starts all over again, there's 93,000 on it now so she'll be clicking again soon," he said.

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