Saturday 17 February 2018

WHAT THEY SAID: The word on the twittersphere as Ireland says yes

Cormac Lucey ?(@CormacLucey): ‘Outcome of #euref thrown into doubt as Kevin Cardiff stumbles over box with 3.7 billion No votes at Dublin Castle’.

Colm Tobin ?(@colmtobin):

‘I think we should have a referendum on whether we really need all these referendums. #EUref’

Adrian Weckler ?(@adrianweckler):

‘Like the man from Del Monte, looks like Ireland has said yes. #euref’

Chris Andrews (@?chrisandrewsff):

‘Enda Kenny coming out for press conference to celebrate #EUREF Yes vote win a bit like John Terry celebrating Chelsea win in Champ league!’

David McCullagh ?(@mcculld):

‘Vital questions to be decided today: can we find some nuns AND a bride voting for tv reports? #euref’

Dermot Frost ?(@astarmain):

‘I look forward to this new era of stability and jobs. Our bond yield should start tracking facebook share price any second now. #euref’

Colm Tobin ?(@colmtobin):

‘BREAKING: Fox News have just called the referendum for Sarah Palin. #EUref’

Tom Maher ?(@TomasOMeachair):

‘I can't be the only one who thinks the hashtag #euref looks like an exclamation you'd make at a football match after a handball’.

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