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Thursday 23 November 2017

What they said on the bailout

As the announced it was to seek an international bail-out for from the Eu and IMF, here are some of the quotes from a day of political drama in Dublin.

- "I will be proposing to my colleagues that we should formally apply for a programme." - After a week where his government was accused of refusing to confirm a bail-out was on the cards, Finance Minister Brian Lenihan revealed he was about to ask Cabinet colleagues to apply for a rescue fund.

- "The Government today agreed to request financial support from the European Union and the Euro Area Members States. The IMF will also be requested to assist in the provision of support."- A Government statement officially later confirmed it had asked for an international bail-out for its crippled economy.

- "I confirm that the Government has today decided that Ireland apply for financial assistance to the European Union. The request of the Government was transmitted to the European authorities this evening. The European authorities have agreed to our request." - Ashen-faced Taoiseach Brian Cowen confirmed the Government will now negotiate the details of the deal.

- "We have passed control on the big fiscal issues out of Irish hands." - Labour Party representative Pat Rabbitte on the historic significance of the decision.

- "This evening's announcements allow the course of economic and financial policy to be set on a more secure path. We can be reassured that the Irish banking system retains the support, not only of the Central Bank of Ireland, but of the European Institutions." - Governor of the Central Bank Patrick Honohan predicts greater stability.

- "There are hard times up ahead. People have been very anxious over the last months... What I am trying to say at the minute, you know, don't be resigned into a kind of slough of despair." - Finance spokesman for Fine Gael, Michael Noonan.

- "The Government should resign so that citizens can have their say in a General Election." - Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams.

- "Elections now. Democracy now." - As Government ministers arrived for a crunch Cabinet meeting to agree the bailout, a protester shouts his demands before being removed by police.

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