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What they said

"We have been fighting for this country, fighting for its people, its very survival for its sustainability against one of the greatest economic and financial crisis we have seen in over 80 years."

-- Taoiseach Brian Cowen speaking outside the Dail after winning last night's vote

"I was clear that I would insist on my resignation if my views did not prevail in the vote. I have therefore tendered my resignation as Minister for Foreign Affairs. . .

"The Taoiseach continues to have my support as head of Government and I will actively support him as our leader during the upcoming election campaign."

-- Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin

"Fair dues to you. You've given your own party a secret ballot on your own future as leader of your party, and the best of luck to you on that.

"When are you going to give the people of the country the secret ballot to decide your future as leader of the country, and your Government's future as leader of the country?"

-- Labour leader Eamon Gilmore to Taoiseach Brian Cowen

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