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Monday 18 December 2017

What the documentary claims

Allegations made by the BBC's 'This World: The Shame of the Catholic Church'

More than a note-taker:

Cardinal Sean Brady has denied he led the 1975 inquiry and said he was there to assist others who were more senior to him. He said he was "simply a notary".

However, the BBC documentary claims his role was more than that and points to a hand-written note in which Dr Brady said he was "dispatched to investigate" allegations against Brendan Smyth.

Did not inform the parents of other victims about Smyth's abuse:

Dr Brady has said he had no authority over Smyth and that that lay with his bishop and Smyth's religious order. He assumed the Norbertines would have "dealt decisively" with Smyth and prevented him from abusing others.

The documentary shows that teenage victim Brendan Boland (inset) gave then Fr Brady the names and addresses of five other children he believed were being abused by Smyth. Their parents were not warned that they were at risk and they went on to be abused for between one year and 13 years.

Never reported Smyth to gardai or RUC:

Dr Brady has said in 1975 there were no guidelines to assist those responding to an allegation of child abuse and that, even by today's standards, he would not have been the "designated person" to do so.

Mr Boland, now 51, told the BBC that he was handed a Bible and told to swear and sign an oath of secrecy that he would tell no one about the meeting apart from authorised priests.

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