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What it says in the papers


This morning's Irish Independent

We take a look at the main stories in this morning’s newspapers.

The Irish Independent leads with the news that hundreds of drink driving charges could be thrown out following a ruling that a breath alcohol test statement is not valid if it is only in English.

The paper highlights that high earners in Ireland pay €6,000 more in tax than in most other European countries.

Rural crime also features as it reports that many elderly residents in Limerick are now too afraid to live alone following the death of carpenter John O’Donoghue, who collapsed after confronting intruders in his home.

The popular 62-year-old suffered a massive heart attack when he returned to find his home being ransacked.

The Irish Daily Mail meanwhile leads with same story as the Irish Independent, claiming that a Romanian driver’s complaint that he was not given his breath test in Irish lead to the ruling.

The paper also reports on new knife laws proposed by Fianna Fáil which would see those found to be carrying knifes given a mandatory 121-month sentence.

The Irish Times reports that EU quotas for refugees could be made voluntary after opposition from many Eastern European countries.

The paper leads on the news that the government plans to ensure that multinational companies disclose more information about their tax.

In the upcoming budget, the Government will introduce legislations encouraging these companies to disclose their global activities.

The Herald leads with Garda fears that a man missing for 10 weeks could have been murdered over a €500 drug debt.

Dad-of-one Barry Corcoran (38) has not been seen meeting friends in Ballyfermot in July.

The paper reports on an ex-Dublin GAA star being arrested on suspicion of drink-driving following Dublin’s All-Ireland victory.

The Irish Sun leads with the same story, saying the former player was arrested after he crashed into a set of traffic lights.

The Irish Daily Star reports on the celebrations following Dublin’s footballers All-Ireland victory over Kerry at the weekend.

Players Dean Rock and Kevin McManamon lead the singing as O’Connell Street was brought to a standstill last night.

The paper features comments by Dublin star Philly McMahon dismissing his critics following an eye-gouging controversy during the All-Ireland Final.

The Irish Examiner meanwhile leads with farmers calling for the repeal of abortion laws in Ireland.

The paper reports that two-thirds support changes to the eighth amendment of the Constitution.

The Irish Daily Mirror leads on a quick thinking driver who saved his passengers after two wheels fell off his vehicle on a busy motorway.

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