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What it says in the papers


The front page of this morning's Irish Independent

The front page of this morning's Irish Independent

The front page of this morning's Irish Independent

We take a look at the front pages of this morning’s newspapers.

The front pages are dominated by the latest developments in the disappearance of student Karen Buckley.

The Irish Independent reports that the focus of the search has now shifted to tracing a grey car which detectives believe could provide further clues in the investigation.

The 24-year-old nursing student’s ‘desperate’ parents appeared at a press conference in Glasgow yesterday to appeal for anyone with information to come forward.

The Irish Times also reports on the disappearance on its front page.

Also it reports on the findings of a new study which show that Ireland would bear the brunt of a UK exit from the EU.

A think tank has found that a British exit could be more costly for Ireland than the UK itself, with Ireland suffering a €2bn a year loss to GDP.

Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to hold an in/out vote on EU membership if the Conservative party are returned to power in next month’s General Election.

The Irish Examiner also leads with details of the investigation into the disappearance of Karen Buckley.

‘Religions unite against referendum’ is the paper’s off lead – with the news that the country’s major religions are stepping up their opposition to the equal marriage referendum.

The Catholic Church has threatened to stop permitting the signing of the civil marriage register in churches if the vote is carried.

The Herald again reports on the Karen Buckley case.

Adam Cullen reports that a handbag belonging to the missing student was found dumped in a park close to where she was last seen.

The Irish Daily Mail also focuses on the story, leading with details of Karen’s parents’ heartbreaking press conference yesterday.

All the red tops lead with the Karen Buckley story.

The Irish Daily Star headline is ‘Just give Karen back. We love her to bits’.

The Irish Sun meanwhile says ‘If you’re holding Karen please return her’.

Finally the Irish Daily Mirror goes with ‘Just give her back’.

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