Saturday 14 December 2019

What it says in the papers

The front page of today's Irish Independent
The front page of today's Irish Independent Newsdesk Newsdesk

The seven front page stories you need to know this morning:

1. Worst hospital waiting lists revealed

‘Revealed: hospitals with the worst waiting lists’ reads the front of the Irish Independent. The ‘Independent Investigates’ story reveals that one in every eight patients on a hospital waiting list is in the queue for over a year, with some people experiencing delays of up to four years to see a consultant. The front page photo features Irish rugby player Tommy Bowe and his fiance Lucy Whitehouse strolling around Dublin city centre after a successful win over Australia at the weekend.

2. Gunman in drag robs €15k

‘Gunman in drag stole €15k’ reads the front page of The Herald this morning. Conor Feehan writes that a gunman dressed in drag stole €15k from a businessman in a raid in Dublin. The incident occurred when the publican was putting the cash into a night safe in Rathgar in the south-side of the city.

The Irish Sun also leads their front page with the raid in Rathgar, Dublin last night. ‘The great trans robbery’ the front page reads and reports of an ‘armed cross-dresser in bank hold-up’.

3. Councils cannot act on thousands of complaints

‘Councils unable to tackle problem tenants’ reads the front page of the Irish Examiner. The paper reports that over 4,600 complaints were received by councils in relation to tenants’ anti-social behaviour, but action was taken in just 70 cases.

4. IRA abuse inquiry mooted

The Irish Times leads with ‘All-island IRA abuse inquiry mooted’. The newspaper reports that Sinn Fei are giving names of republicans suspected of sexual assault to gardai, as options are being looked at ahead of the North South Ministerial Council meeting. The front page photo is a snap of a stilt-artist enjoying the Limerick lights being turned on for Christmas.

5. Obese toddlers

The Irish Daily Mail simply leads with ‘Our obese toddlers’. Obese children as young as one-year-old are being treated by a specialist service at one of the country’s biggest hospitals, the newspaper reveals.

6. 'Killed by austerity'

‘Killed by austerity’ reads the front page of the Irish Daily Mirror. The newspaper leads with an inquest into the death of tragic Conor Cribbin (25) who was found dead days after he lost his medical card.

7. Daughter finds long-lost mother

‘Daughter finds mum after 40 years’ reads the front of the Irish Daily Star. A woman who vanished 40 years ago was reunited with daughter last night. The photo shows mum Maria Frances Kenny (68) – who had been feared dead but was actually living in Offaly – with her child Mary Lyons. Mary believed her mother was dead after she vanished 40 years ago.

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