Tuesday 21 January 2020

What it says in the papers

Freya Drohan

The main story on the Irish Independent this morning is that a major flaw in the debt system can not be fixed for two months as TDs are on their summer holidays.

The flaw in the operation of the personal insolvency system will not be fixed until September.

Personal insolvency practitioners (PIPs) have been told that it is advisable to hold off on finalising any new deals until the legislation is amended.

This means confusion about the outcome of mortgages and other debt deals for overburdened families.

Also on the front page of the Indo, broadband customers in rural areas are to be hit with price hikes of €180 and a slow down of their broadband speed.

This is because a government subsidy intended to ensure basic broadband in isolated areas is to be stopped.

The front page of The Herald claims that a Garda sergeant’s car was burnt out in a grudge by gangland thugs.

The officer’s Toyota Corolla was found burnt out over the weekend,  and the incident is linked to a crimelord nicknamed “The Businessman”

The Herald believes that murdered north Dublin drug dealer Paul ‘Ralph’ Gallagher (26) may have been shot with his own gun.

The paper reports that Gallagher was the victim of a well planned double cross, shot with a gun that he intended to sell to his killers after being lured to a secret meeting.

According to the Irish Examiner, a violent Dublin based gang has been avoiding the Garda by taking trains after a series of aggravated burglaries in Co Limerick.

It is thought that some of the Ballyfermot based gang may be travelling on free travel passes.

Gardaí believe that principle members of the gang are travelling from Heuston to Limerick via train on a regular basis where they are picked up by associates.

Irish rail staff are able to identify the gang members.

The paper also reports that the Garth Brooks gigs fiasco cost the GAA €5 million, according to Croke Park chief Peter McKenna.

McKenna stated, “What happened was a complete fiasco in terms of administration… nothing went wrong with the stadium”.

The Irish Daily Mirror has a controversial splash- “GAA Star’s Snort Shame”, running a full page photo of ex-Fermanagh star Seamie Quigley appearing to snort a line of white powder.

The accompanying article claims that the “troubled ace” has “hit a self destruct button”.

On the front page of the Irish Daily Mail, it is reported that rickets re on the rise as body conscious young women leave important nutrients out of their diet in a bid to stay trim.

Dr Noirin Noonan from St James’s Hospital has warned that teenage girls eating exclusively low fat products and following fad diets before binging on “rubbish”.

According to The Irish Times, Dublin has enough zoned land for more than 46,000 new homes.

Almost half of this zoned land is in the Fingal area.

The figures come amid warnings this week from the Economic and Social Research Institute that 54,000 new homes need to be built in Dublin in the next seven years to deal with population increases.

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