Tuesday 10 December 2019

What it says in the papers

Today's front pages focus on water charges, more budget austerity and the tragic drowning of a Dublin teenager.

‘Revealed: average family will pay €248 water bills’ reads the front of this morning’s Irish Independent. The newspaper reports that householders will have to pay for every drop of water used beyond the basic morning routine.

The Irish Times also reports on the upcoming water charges. The headline reads ‘Standing charge for water likely to be ‘under €50’ a year’. The newspaper also reports that the Government expects the average household usage charge to be less than €300.

‘Noonan commits to more budget austerity’ reads the front of the Irish Examiner. The newspaper reports that there is a €2bn adjustment in tax hikes and spending cuts ‘still needed’.

The Irish Daily Mail leads with a furious row in Kerry after county councillors were told they couldn’t put a crucifix up in their chamber. The headline reads, ‘Council told: You can’t put up crucifix’.

Today’s Herald leads with the tragic story of a Dublin teenager who drowned while out with his friends yesterday evening. Sixteen-year-old Shane Boggans from Tallaght got into difficulty about five minutes after jumping from a 25ft bridge into the reservoir.

In the tabloids today, the Irish Daily Mirror leads with ‘No Mercy – Murdered John blasted five times ‘over personal row with crime lord’’. The newspaper reports that Mr John O’Regan’s murder, which occurred yesterday in Ballymun, North Dublin, may have been sparked by a personal row with a gang boss.

The Irish Daily Star also features the story on their front page, reading ‘Murdered man’s brother was also gunned down’. Their main story reports on the moment a paedophile is confronted by his victim and forced to admit to his crimes. ‘Moment paedo was caught on tape’ reads the headline.

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