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Monday 11 December 2017

What it says in the papers

The front page of today's Irish Independent
The front page of today's Irish Independent
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Flood fears and damage lead the front pages this morning as the country surveys the damage after yet another storm hit.

Three hundred cities, towns and villages are at 'significant' risk of flooding, but work to make them safe will take years, the Irish Independent has learned.

The extent of the flood defence work required means that current and future governments will have to make tough choices when deciding where money should be spent. The headline reads ‘Flood fears for 300 towns and villages’.

Irish Daily Mail leads with ‘We just can’t save you all from floods’ followed by ‘Minister’s honest admission over funding; Munster, South Leinster and West battered; Two more storms before the weekend’.

The Irish Examiner writes ‘Disaster Zones’ above a photo of a woman wading through the flood waters in Cork City.

The Irish Times leads with ‘Flood victims promised extra €15m aid’ as Taoiseach pledges emergency funding as fresh storms batter south and east coasts. Finally, the Irish Daily Star leads with ‘Misery as storm and floods wreak havoc’.

In politics, Fianna Fail is to enter the race to sign Olympic medallist Kenny Egan as a local election candidate, the Irish Independent has learned. ‘FF to slug it out with Fine Gael over Egan’ reads the headline.

Meanwhile, The Herald leads with ‘Gun raid gang held ‘ – as three men, including two nototrious brothers from Dublin, are arrested following an armed burglary in Wexford.

‘All children with Down syndrome to get resource teaching hours’ reads the front of the Irish Examiner. According to the paper, the Government is to allow through an Independent TD’s bill giving all children with Down syndrome automatic entitlement to resource teaching hours.

‘Dubs star ‘broke Grada’s jaw’’ reads the front of the Irish Daily Star. The court was told former Dublin footballer Brendan McManamon ‘snapped’ and attacked Longford ace on pitch. 

The Irish Daily Mirror and the Irish Sun lead with the story of Rachel Carey who drank a goldfish in an alcoholic drink for her ‘Neknomination’ online social media dare. ‘I’m sorry for drinking a goldfish’ the Irish Daily Mirror reads while the Irish Daily Sun mentions the girls’ alleged death threats since her stunt.

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