Sunday 22 April 2018

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The front page of today's Irish Independent
The front page of today's Irish Independent

Criticism of rehab, sports star let off after speeding seven times and more on Sabina Higgins' visit to jailed friend.

1. 'Price war on gas and electricity to save families €300' states the front page of the Irish Independent. A new gas supplier, Energia, is set to enter the market and offer massive discounts, with existing suppliers set to try and match its low prices. Electric Ireland has one million customers and is set to respond by offering discount electricity and gas to customers. This comes not long after the company, formerly known as ESB, hiking its prices on electricity.

2. The Herald leads with 'Raiders threaten to shoot boy (2), after a gang threatened to shoot a pregnant mother and her young son during a burglary. The gang also told the young woman they would "kick the baby out of you". The ordeal took place in the woman's apartment in Swords at around 6.15pm last Friday, armed with a gun, a knife and a hammer. The put the knife to the woman's throat and pulled the child out of his bed, the mother told the paper.

3.The Herald also reports that Bono's daughter Eve Hewson used to pretend her rockstar father was a a doctor. "In school, whenever we had to write those letters where you say, 'Hi, my name's Eve and my dad does this...' I always used to lie and say that my dad was a doctor. It just saves conversation. People always find out eventually," she told reporter Joyce Fegan.

4. The Irish Daily Mirror leads with 'Hopes for Schuey fading', reporting that it's unlike the F1 legend will recover from his brain injury earlier which he attained during a skiing accident earlier this month. The paper quotes an expert, saying he could be left in a permanent vegetative state following the accident in the French Alps. "Every day, every week in a coma, the chances decline that the situation is improving," neurology professor Jean Marc Orgogozo told the paper.

5. The Irish Independent also reports on more bad news for Manchester United, as Atletico Madrid are hoping to hijack their attempts to sign Juan Mata, by offering David Moyes first option on Diego Costa and Brazilian full back Filipe Luis, but only if he withdraws from his attempt to get the Chelsea midfielder. The team have been told that a £37m bid for Mata will be accepted by Chelsea before the end of the week.

6. The Irish Times leads with 'Shatter criticises Rehab citing low profits from lottery', as sales of almost €7,2 million brought in a profit of around €558,000, a total of 8pc. "I became very concerned that the fundraising activities of some of the organisations that benefit from the Charitable Lotteries Scheme operated at very low profit margins and that th operation of the scheme incentivised inefficient fundraising practices," the minister said. Rehab hit back, calling Shatter's comments "outrageous" and they expect his to withdraw his remarks and apologise.

7. The Irish Examiner also leads with a story from Shatter. 'Equal parent rights for gay couples', their front page states. Caroline O'Doherty reports that gay couples will get equal parenting rights regardless of whether the referendum on same sex marriage is passed. Furthermore, Shatter intends to bring in these laws by the end of the year to extend guardianship, custody and access rights to non-biological, same-sex parents. Shatter added that same-sex adoption would be legislated for regardless of referendum outcome.

8. The Examiner also reports of a '€1k reward from return of watches left by dying dad'. A Cork-based taxi driver is offering the reward for the return of the precious watches left behind for the father's two young sons. Donal Desmond said he was touched by the story. "I dreamt about it last night. I can't stop thinking about it. I have two twin sons myself and we waited a long time for them. My family has also been touched by cancer and I can't imagine the heartbreak that the family in Dundalk are going through," he told the paper.

9. 'Speed trap star let off 7 times; Sports ace caught 5 times in a single day' reads the front of the Irish Sun, after reports from one garda who alleges that 200 gardai are routinely wiping offences. The garda says that he or she is going to go public with the information and claims to have proof.

10. Finally in business, the Irish Independent reports: 'Shannon-based aircraft leasing firm places €3bn order for new new Boeings', as Irish and US aircraft leasing business GECAS places an order of 40 Boeing 737s.The order comes as Taoiseach Enda Kenny prepares to address a major annual international air finance conference in Dublin this morning.

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