Monday 18 December 2017

What it says in the papers

The front page of today's Irish Independent.
The front page of today's Irish Independent.

The CRC revelations continue to make the front page of many of today's newspapers, with criminal activity also taking over the covers.

1. 'Relations worsen between Kenny and Gilmore' reads the front page of today's Irish Independent, after a series of spats over pylons, bailout exit and Irish Water. Four ministers on both sides of the coalitions spoke to the paper to confirm a significant "change in dynamic"  between Fine Gael and Labour.

2. The Irish Daily Star leads with 'He signed his own death warrant', along with a picture of murdered criminal Michael Devoy, who won a court but got get out of jail, but was was killed the day after. According to a source, this act is what "signed his own death warrant". The paper reports he may have been lured to his death that night after meeting his killers before being driver to a quiet spot in Tallaght where he was shot and his body dumped.

3.The Herald reports on the same story that it is believed a hitman was paid €20k to murder Mr Devoy. They add it may have been a revenge murder after the attempted murder of heroin trafficker Greg Lynch last year. A senior Garda official told the paper that they initially thought the people who killed Mr Devoy were "a courting couple", but when they say the patrol car, they sped off, evading the Gardai.

4. Ian Paisley told Tony Blair "you are a food" on hearing of his conversion to Catholicism, according to the front page of today's Irish Times. The exchange is recalled in a television documentary which will be broadcast on the BBC tonight, where Dr Paisley discusses his special relationship with the former Prime Minister. Mr Blair once told Dr Paisley that his grandmother once told him: "You must never marry a Roman Catholic and you must never join the Roman Catholic Church". He broke both rules.

5.'Crucial paper on pension of CRC boss 'missing'' reports Daniel McConnell on the front of today's Irish Independent. Documents relating to Paul Kiely's €742,000 pension deal cannot be found. Former CRC boss Hamilton Goulding has called on Mr Kiely to handing back his large pensions, but added "it's not my business" whether that actually happens of not. The Public Accounts Committee obtained minutes which showed that the CRC board, led by Mr Goulding at that time, agreed and signed off on Mr Kiely's €742,000 package at a special meeting early last year.

6.Jose Mourinho's side put pressure on David Moyes, before writing off Manchester United's title chances, according to the Irish Mirror. A hat-trick by Chelsea's Samuel Etoo left Moyes' side with its seventh league defeat of the season and the champions 14 points off the title pace. In the dressing room, Moyes' furiously tore into his players, which saw captain Nemanja Vidic sent off and full-back Rafael close to being sent off after a two-footed lunge at Gary Cahill.

7. 'Irish plumber floats his way to Ali's 72nd birthday' reports the Irish Examiner, along with a picture of plumber Tom Kelly alongside Muhammad Ali,. "It was just a ballsy move that paid off for me," Mr Kelly said after he knocked on his door to say hello. Mr Kelly was working on the same street where Ali lives in Kentucky and his friends told him who the famous resident was, but Mr Kelly initially thought they were joking.  "It was amazing, something I will never forget until the day I die," he said.

8.'FG councillor avoids drink-driving conviction despite 'slurring speech'' reports the Irish Daily Mail. Former Show Band star and current Longford County Councillor Frank Kilbride's car was found be a garda in a ditch and told a court that there was a "strong smell of intoxicating liquor' coming from his breath. He added that the politician was slurring his words and was uneasy on his feet. Mr Kilbride reportedly said: "Do you know who I am? You can't do me for drink driving."

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