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What is the Innocence Project?

THE Innocence Project is an international organisation dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals.

Since it began, 307 people have been exonerated in the USA; 17 of those had served time on death row.

Co-founded in 1992 by US attorneys Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, the Innocence Project provides pro-bono (free) legal and investigative services to people trying to prove their innocence.

DNA and other evidence is re-examined where there are claims of wrongful conviction.

The project typically involves students (mostly law students) handling case work while supervised by a team of lawyers.

The Irish Innocence Project at Griffith College Dublin, founded in October 2009 and led by Dean of Law David Langwallner, is reviewing 20 active post-conviction cases.

Students from Griffith, Trinity College and Dublin City University staff the project.

The breakthrough in the Harry Gleeson case was a consequence of the casework done by Griffith College graduate Tertius Van Eeden.

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