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What his colleagues think of Mick's apology

"It doesn't change anything from what I said one week ago. What Mick Wallace did was utterly wrong. I said he should pay back all the money he owes to the Revenue. It's not for the media or any politician to decide who should represent a constituency."

Finian McGrath, Dublin North-Central

"I welcome the fact he put his hands up and admitted he was wrong. He apologised to the Dail and the people of Wexford, and is making an effort to pay back the money, which is very important. I don't think he should resign, but if I was in Mick's position, I'd call a by-election. Then he would have a fresh mandate and he could move on."

Maureen O'Sullivan, Dublin Central

"I never called for his resignation and I'm not now. It's his decision and the decision of the electorate in Wexford. If he broke the law, it's up to the law to deal with him. "

Catherine Murphy, Kildare North

"No matter what he would have said, it would have been unsatisfactory because what he did was wrong. You cannot run a country unless people pay their taxes. It's important to apologise, and the gesture to use half his salary is important. It would be easy to say he should resign, but I'm not going to do that. It's entirely up to him and the people of Wexford as to whether he should resign."

Mattie McGrath, Tipperary South

"I was reasonably happy with what he said. He made an honest effort to address his situation, and he apologised to the Dail and his colleagues. I did ask him to resign from the technical group and he did. Calling on him to resign is hollow, because we can't make him. It's better to look at bringing in a code of ethics where you have to resign if you breach it. People calling for him to resign are only jumping on the bandwagon."

Thomas Pringle, Donegal South-West

"I'm chairperson of the members' interests committee so I can't give my opinion on it."

Richard Boyd-Barrett, Dun Laoghaire

"My view hasn't changed. I think what he did was wrong, and he should pay the money back, so at least he's taking a step in the right direction. It would be the right thing to do to stand for re-election if he wishes to stay in the Dail. There still remains a question of political accountability -- not just for Mick Wallace but for any TD where serious questions have been raised over them. Any TD, where such question marks exist, should be subjected to a recall election and that applies to people exonerated by their own political parties or people who signed solemn pledges before the election. They should too be subject to recall, otherwise there's no consistency to our standards."

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