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What families need to know

* If a parent wants to find an inspection report on the creche or other childcare facility, where do they go?

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is responsible for the inspections but they are not published on its website. It is now promising to do so in the coming months.

* So where does a parent go to get a copy?

The advice is that people should ask their childcare facility for a copy. Each receives a copy and is advised by the HSE to provide it to parents on request.

* What happens if the managers refuse?

A parent can contact their local inspector to ask for a copy. The contact details are on the HSE website.

* How soon will the reports be published online?

It is likely to be several months yet. All the reports must be compiled in the same manner to be fair to all care providers. A new formula for the reports was introduced in recent months. It gives the compliance rating under various headings as well as comments by inspectors. The HSE has yet to decide how to deal with archived reports.

* How often are reports compiled?

More than 2,000 inspections are carried out annually. There can be a gap of up to two years or more between inspections of a facility.

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