Friday 20 September 2019

What Clayton said in court

"I'm more of a dum, dum, dum man -- but I will practise my technique." (When Judge Patrick McCartan said he was used to the microphone).

"In the past I have come home to the electricity and phone cut off and I was fed up with that."

"I am a creative person, not a businessman."

"I have no accountancy experience. I don't even have a Leaving Cert."

"I trusted people -- that's why we are here today."

"I was extremely rattled by it." (Hawkins' disclosure that she took €15,000 of his money for flights).

"My reaction was one of absolute amazement. They were very large cheques, even I would think twice about signing them."

"I don't need acting lessons -- I already have a job." (In relation to money spent on acting lessons for Joe Hawkins at New York Film Academy).

"I had no idea Carol Hawkins had the kind of financial resources to buy an apartment in New York."

"I had coffee on the terrace there once. I don't think I had that much coffee." (In relation to a €2,300 bill for a hotel in Cannes).

"I have never been on Ryanair nor Easyjet."

"I never sanctioned her to write cheques to herself."

"I would buy the things I wanted around me. Carol Hawkins bought corn flakes."

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