Monday 23 October 2017

What are the odds?

Nick Webb

Nick Webb

Sitting through a 90-minute football match can be pretty boring. Especially if you're not getting bladdered. But putting money on the outcome and having a bet takes it to a whole new level.

Avoid betting shops like the plague. They are full of men who claim to know everything. Clearly, it's not a place any sane person would choose to spend time if they actually did. Smartphone apps for Paddy Power or other bookies are easy to operate.

We've a sure-fire betting system for the football. Emotional hedging is the win-win way of getting through the Euros. Back Croatia to beat us at 23/20. For a €20 bet you'll get €43 back including your stake if Croatia wins. Replicate the trick with the matches against Spain, backing the world cup champions (1/3 -- win €10 plus your €30 stake back) and punting on Italy (odds of 4/5 win €20 plus your €25 stake back).

If Ireland loses, we'll all be rather sad... but you'll have made the taxi fare home. You could be €53 richer off a €75 investment. A bank wouldn't even pay a tenth of that in interest.

But if Ireland win or even draw, the town will go wild and the craic will be mighty. What's not to like?

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