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Wednesday 19 December 2018

'Wet wipe monster' pulled from sewer

Have you ever flushed a wet wipe down the toilet?

Claire Williamson

Northern Ireland Water is warning you to stop flushing wipes down the toilet after a 'wet wipe monster' was recovered from a sewer in Newtownabbey.

Never mind Stephen King's IT - it seems Pennywise the clown isn't the only scary thing to hang around the sewers.

NI Water has released videos of a wet wipe monster, photos of FOG (fat, oil and grease) blocking a sewer on the Lisburn road to boulders and a bucket found on the Shankill Road - to highlight just some of the horrors their workers are faced with.

Gavin McCready, wastewater manager for Belfast said: “It doesn’t need to be Halloween for us to be afraid of what we find down there, everything from children’s bikes to thousands of rags.

“People are under the impression the wet wipes are ok to flush, whether it’s facial, baby or toilet. The fact is they are not; even if they say flushable. Unlike toilet paper, these wipes hold a certain amount of water and do not break down quick enough to avoid causing a blockage.

"The same goes for FOG, instead of pouring it down the sink (this includes rinsing off cooking trays) scrape it into the bin or into a bottle for recycling.

“All we ask is that people are more responsible with the disposal of their bathroom and food waste; the next blockage could be in your home, and that would be scary."

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