Monday 20 November 2017

‘We’re not animals’ – Local residents call for 10ft ‘Berlin Wall of Limerick’ to be knocked

Locals claim wall prevents community from ‘moving forward’.

Moyross locals (L-R) Dean Quinn, Tommy and Jamie Daly
Moyross locals (L-R) Dean Quinn, Tommy and Jamie Daly
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

A petition to have a 10-foot wall demolished in Limerick’s Moyross estate has been started by a local resident who claims it makes them feel ‘degraded’.

The wall, described by local Dean Quinn as the ‘Berlin Wall of Limerick’, segregates residents from adjoining estates, including student accommodation for Limerick Institute of Technology.

More than 150 people have signed the petition calling for Limerick City and County Council to demolish the wall.

However, residents on the other side fear an increase in anti-social behaviour if the partition is removed.

Locals called it the 'Berlin Wall of Limerick'
Locals called it the 'Berlin Wall of Limerick'

Mr Quinn, a father-of-two who has lived in the area for 28 years, says if Moyross has a chance of moving forward, the wall must go.

“If kids grow up seeing that wall, what does it tell them? That they’re outsiders,” the Outreach worker told

“It’s degrading and it is excluding people from our area. They look at that wall and wonder what’s behind it, as if it were a zoo, and that’s not a nice feeling. We’re not animals.”

The 31-year-old also says the wall is a safety hazard.

“Parts of the wall are crumbling down and some day children will be playing football or something, and an accident is going to happen.

“We have been through the mill in this community but we came out the better end and we are striving towards being a better place, but how can we do that with this wall?”

Some residents in the neighbouring Caherdavin estate fear that anti-social behaviour will increase if the wall is knocked.

“There is an open field just before the wall, and what was happening there was a lot of anti-social behaviour, and the wall stopped it. Horses and all were coming across to Caherdavin before it was erected,” one resident told the Limerick Leader.

However, Mr Quinn disagrees.

“The thing is, anti-social behaviour happens in every area. You are not going to stop it by putting up a big wall. Either way, people can still get through as there is a walk-way. They also have security in the student village.

“Donald Trump can fly it over to put it up in Mexico, as long as they knock it, I don’t care.”

A council spokesperson told “It is important to point out that a pedestrian link between the two estates is already in place.

“With regards to the petition the specific issues raised will be examined by Limerick City and County Council to establish the circumstances relating to the wall.

“The vision statement of the Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan outlines “safe and sustainable communities of opportunity where people of all ages enjoy a good quality of life, a decent home and a sense pride about their place.  Well serviced and attractive neighbourhoods will be physically connected and fully integrated with the social, economic and cultural life of Limerick.”

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