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Saturday 19 October 2019

'We're entitled to enjoy ourselves' - Public share their reaction to George Hook's comments about rape victims Newsdesk Newsdesk

George Hook has hit the headlines this week for comments he made about rape victims, saying that they should take more responsibility. took to the streets to see how Irish people feel about his remarks.

Businessman Stephen Leddy said that he agrees with companies who pull sponsorship from George Hook's show.

 "I think George, with the position that he has on the national airwaves, should have thought more about what he said. I think he was ill-advised, I fully disagree with what he said. He's been on the margins for a long time, but this time he's been pulled up properly for what he said.

"If you have a trusted brand and it's now associated with a controversial broadcaster who has made totally inappropriate comments then yeah. I'm a businessman and I would probably do the same."

Joe Kelly told "You want to be careful. You need to treat everyone with respect. Let them be drunk or sober. You shouldn't take advantage.

"I wonder would they withdraw sponsorship for every controversial thing."

One young woman spoke to said that everyone is "entitled to enjoy themselves".

"I think his comments are out of place. Everyone is entitled to go out and sometimes people can get drunk. It's not their fault that something happened and when people say that they provoked it, it's just completely wrong. They're a victim. His comments are not acceptable."

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