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Wedding day wins out over Winning Streak

A BRIDE-to-be has turned down the chance to appear on big money game show 'Winning Streak' because she's getting married the same day, write Allison Bray and Linda McGrory.

But Mary O'Sullivan has enlisted a stand-in to take her place on the Marty Whelan-hosted show for a chance to win €500,000.

And close to 200 pairs of eyes will be riveted on the big screen at the reception in Moville, Co Donegal, this Saturday as DIT student Ciara Ni Chleirigh (20) represents Ms O'Sullivan (pictured) on the show.

Due to a bizarre twist of fate, Ms O'Sullivan (34) was selected as one of the show's five contestants to appear on the same day as her wedding.

However, she chose to stick to her plans to tie the knot with long-term partner Eoin Hamdam, (39).

"What are the odds of getting picked for Winning Streak on your wedding day? I still can't believe it," she said.

But instead of letting the opportunity to win big slip through her hands, she enlisted Ms Ni Chleirigh, the daughter of a family friend, to act as her stand-in on her big day.

"We have it all organised to have a screen up after the dinner," Ms O'Sullivan told the Irish Independent last night. "But I'll try to squeeze in the first dance before that," she added.

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