Monday 19 February 2018

We work a week more than other EU states

Allison Bray

IRISH workers work a week longer each year on average than most of our European counterparts, a new survey reveals.

A poll of 12 top European countries revealed that Ireland ranks second bottom in the amount of time we are entitled to take off with pay.

Only UK workers get less annual statutory entitlement than we do, according to the survey conducted on behalf of the website.

Irish workers are entitled to a minimum of 29 days off a year; a far cry from the 39 days of freedom for workers in Portugal and Sweden and the average 34 days workers in other European countries get.

Only the UK gets fewer days with just 28 paid days' holiday.

Our statutory entitlements provide the minimum leave requirements by law, although both private and public sector workers are entitled to more at their employers' discretion.

That includes the controversial 70 days granted to some FAS workers 'preparing' for their retirement, as revealed earlier this month in the Irish Independent.

At the other end of the scale, Irish people get the same amount of basic annual leave entitlements -- 20 days -- as Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, and then a further nine days in public holidays to make up their statutory entitlement.

Meanwhile, another survey reveals that close to 20pc of Irish workers aren't planning on taking a holiday at all this year.

The survey by the recruitment website reveals 19pc of workers will keep on working through the year, with another 10pc still undecided.

More than a third of workers (34pc) admit to taking work calls while on holidays. Over half of them are aged 35 and 45 and are overwhelmingly (74pc) in management roles.

Irish Independent

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