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Saturday 18 November 2017

We will be radical in Budget 2011 Taoiseach pledges reporters

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that the government is willing to take a 'radical' approach to the measures to be taken in order to meet this year's budget targets.

"We're committed to the budget targets and those targets have to be achieved," said Mr Kenny this morning in an interview with RTE Radio One.

"Everything is on the table, " he continued. "We're prepared to be radical in what we will drop."

In response to queries as to whether the government would go against their election promises and raise taxes, the Taoiseach said that the government would enter into negotiations with the Troika and the IMF over the terms of the bailout deal.

"The situation since the election has changed," said Mr. Kenny. "We regard increased income taxes as a blockage on jobs. We will negotiate the terms of the bailout with the IMF and the Troika."

With regard to those burdened by mortgages taken on in the boom years that have now become unaffordable Mr. Kenny said that the government would strive to make decisions that are fair.

"People over-borrowed during the Celtic Tiger years and the banks threw around loaned money like it was confetti," he said. "Now that the taxpayer has capitalised the banks we will have to ensure that decisions that are made are fair."

Responding to the recent turmoil in Europe the Taoiseach reiterated his support for the European project.

"The decisions being undertaken by Europe will work," he said.

Mr. Kenny also spoke of the resolution he had encountered among EU leaders to support the monetary union.

"Germany will always support the Euro," said Mr. Kenny.

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