Sunday 22 April 2018

'We want to know what happened to our Michaela' - Family's agonising wait for post-mortem results three months after death of young daughter

Michaela Gonda tragically fell ill at a swimming pool in Dublin
Michaela Gonda tragically fell ill at a swimming pool in Dublin
Michaela Gonda (9) was laid to rest today in Saggart
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

The heartbroken father of a nine-year-old girl who died suddenly from a suspected heart attack earlier this year said that the long wait for her post-mortem results is agonising.

Michaela Gonda (9) was doing a swimming lesson at the Community School Sports Complex, Balrothery, Tallaght, Co Dublin, when she fell ill on May 12.

Her devastated father, Mike Gonda told that he and his wife Yvonne are desperately waiting to get confirmation of what caused their young daughter's death.

"We're still waiting and waiting. We want to know what happened to our beautiful Michaela."

Michaela Gonda loved sports
Michaela Gonda loved sports

"It has been almost three months since she died and we still haven't got the post-mortem results.

"It's not easy waiting because we want some relief in knowing what happened to her. I can't even go back to work yet because my mind is concentrated on finding out what happened."

The devastated father previously told about the heartbreaking moment he tried to save his only child.

"She was at her swimming class yesterday and myself and my wife Yvonne were watching her. She was calling 'mammy, look at me' 'daddy, can you see me swimming?' and we were watching her.

Michaela Gonda (9) was laid to rest today in Saggart
Michaela Gonda (9) was laid to rest today in Saggart
Michaela Gonda tragically fell ill at a swimming pool in Dublin

"Then she disappeared and we couldn't see her anymore. My wife asked 'where's Michaela?' and I ran over to the pool where I saw her underwater.

"I jumped into the pool to save her, I would do anything for her."

Mike said that his whole life has fallen apart since the death of his only child.

"We're constantly reminded that she's gone. There is no more joy or happiness at all in our home.

"Our routine in the morning is gone because it centred around getting her ready for school."

He added that since his daughter's death he has found it difficult to go about his everyday life and that he can no longer sleep at night.

Michaela loved sports and running so in her memory, Mike runs triathlons with Michaela's ashes in his backpack.

"I carry her with me, she loved the races."

He added that his misses the everyday things his young daughter did such as singing songs from Disney's new princess film 'Moana'.

"She is just such a sweet girl, she never went to sleep without holding my hand."

The family have begun to remove Michaela's clothes and items from her room.

"We've vacuum packed all her clothes but we don't know what to do with them. I don't want to get rid of anything of hers. It's just so hard.

"Hopefully we will get the post-mortem results soon and that will bring us some relief."

In a statement, the Dublin District Coroner's Office said that the current timeframe in which they receive a post mortem report from the Pathologists to the Coroner's Office is four to six months.

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