Monday 26 February 2018

'We took foreign trip despite having no cash'

THE Forseys had money worries, but they wanted to go on a family holiday.

In August 2006, Fred and Jenny Forsey went to Cork airport to collect Mr Forsey's sister and children, who were coming to Ireland for a break.

Jenny Forsey recalled saying to her husband while she was waiting in the airport arrivals lounge: "Wouldn't it be lovely to fly off somewhere?"

The following day her husband came home and announced they would be taking a trip to Rome two days later.

They flew out on August 25 before returning on August 28; however, Mrs Forsey expressed surprise as she knew they didn't have "cash".

She had expected a "weekend in Killarney or something" but not a foreign trip.

Mrs Forsey said she asked her husband where he got the money but "didn't delve into it because the kids were there".

The couple went to see the Pope and Mr Forsey gave the children money.

When pressed about where he got the cash, his wife said Forsey told her €30,000 had been lodged into his account that morning by a developer.

"He never told me he got €60,000," she said.

The couple also modernised their home shortly afterwards by putting in new windows and carpets, a new fireplace, new bedroom furniture and a three-piece suite.

She told the court there were never any question of repaying the money, as they didn't have it.

Mrs Forsey said more than €10,000 was spent on their home, which she thought was part of the sum given to her husband by the property developer.

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