Monday 22 January 2018

We may be broke but Irish are top 'givers'

Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

WE'RE broke – but we remain the most charitable nation in the world.

The 'Pocket World in Figures 2014' has found Ireland to be the world's top 'giver'. In a single month, 60pc of the population either donated money to charity, gave time to those in need, or helped a stranger.

The annual bestseller examines every aspect of life from the economy to cinema visits, from alcohol consumption to education and from environment performance to quality of life.

We've also emerged as the sixth highest in the world for cinema visits per head – higher than any other EU country.

Ireland has the world's fifth highest rate of car ownership, with 637 cars per 1,000 population, compared with 434 for the UK. But on the downside, Ireland has the third highest level of household debt in the OECD.


Unsurprisingly, Norway tops the league table on the human development index, which combines stats on income, years spend on education and life expectancy.

Ireland comes in at a respectable seventh position, with the UK lagging in 26th.

Japan is the most expensive country to live in – ahead of Australia and Norway – with Ireland at number 20.

And as the debate over lack of women in Irish politics continues apace, Rwanda has emerged as the surprising outsider with the highest percentage of female parliamentary representation in the world.

The Czechs purchase more beer than anyone else, with Ireland stumbling behind in second place.

And our average national income per head is over $47,000, ahead of Germany, France and the UK.

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