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'We haven't seen Bill since he left RTE'


John Giles and Eamon Dunphy

John Giles and Eamon Dunphy

John Giles and Eamon Dunphy

SOCCER pundits Johnny Giles and Eamon Dunphy haven't seen their long-standing colleague Bill O'Herlihy since he retired from RTE at the end of the World Cup.

Giles and Dunphy are now the stars of a cringey new TV advert for a chocolate bar, but the duo say that RTE's soccer analysts don't often socialise outside of Montrose.

"We miss Bill, he was great broadcaster and a true legend," Giles said.

"We got on very well but we didn't really mix socially, we never went for drinks."

Both Giles and Dunphy were quick to commend O'Herlihy's presenting technique but think new host Darragh Maloney brings a new dynamic to the panel.

"Bill was the master and brought something truly unique," Dunphy said.

"But Darragh Maloney is doing a great job and he will only get better as he gets more experienced and gets older.

"He is an outstanding broadcaster and brings a new dynamic which is a great thing."

A video of Dunphy and Giles is currently sweeping the internet, gaining them plenty of attention.

And their questionable dance moves on Cadbury's infamous 'Feel the Joy' ad has raised more than a few laughs - including some from Dunphy himself.

"The cringe factor is the secret to my success - baby!" he told the Irish Independent.

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The advert, which sees Dunphy and Giles dance to Baccara's 1977 disco hit 'Yes Sir, I Can Boogie' has garnered a lot of attention online where it has been described as "toe curling", "painfully unfunny" and "deeply disturbing".

But Dunphy is confident his moves "are as sharp as ever", adding that he has always been "a much better dancer than football player" and "loves disco beats - especially Bee Gees stuff."

While disco dancing came easily to Dunphy it took Giles some time to perfect his footwork.

"I taught John everything he knows when it comes to dancing and he taught me everything I know when it comes to football," Dunphy said.

"He doesn't have the confidence and flair I do but he's learning."

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