Monday 17 December 2018

'We have to live with their decision' - Man who lost his three brothers in car accident

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A heartbroken brother has described the moment he found out his three younger brothers had all died in a tragic car accident.

Jason Doyle told RTÉ's Liveline, that his three brothers Ryan (17), David (24) and Darren (27) were all killed in a car collision on August 10, 2012.

"My three youngest brothers and their friends and other family members were down in a park in Tullamore. It was a lovely summer's day and they were all having fun. A few of them were drinking and my three brothers and their friend decided to get into the car to drive home and that was the last journey they ever took. They crashed into a bus and all four of them were killed instantly. We lost the three youngest of our family.

"Some of the family were still in Tullamore, waiting for taxis to bring them home. Thankfully none of the children had gotten into the car. I was at a family wedding the night before so I was at home. I got a call that evening to say there had been an accident and we had to go to the hospital. Because I was the eldest brother, I was asked to go down and identify my brothers' bodies."

Jason said that his mother suffered from a heart attack after she heard the news.

"I don't know how my mother and father keep going. My mother had a heart attack that night and ended up in hospital with the stress of everything. It amazes me how strong people can be. They keep going for the rest of us and try and stay string for us children and grandchildren.

"It's amazing how strong humans can be when faced with tragedy. I wouldn't say that time heals, I'd say that after time people learn to cope with loss better overtime. It never fully goes away. They never leave your mind."

Jason said that his brothers David and Darren each had two children and were left devastated after their deaths.

"I have three children and my eldest would have been very close to Ryan because they were similar in age. It affects everybody."

He added that there should be zero tolerance to drink-driving in Ireland.

"It's something people should teach their children and eradicate it altogether. Parents should tell their children never to get into a car while drinking or with someone who has been drinking. Children should know that we will get them at any time in the night if they find themselves in that situation.

"Every family has their own tragedy. You just have to instil in young people to think before they act. The three boys got into a car, they made that decision and unfortunately the rest of us have to live with their decision. I don't blame anyone, they were big enough to make their own decisions."

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