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'We have more jobs than we can get graduates to fill them'

"We're having a hard time finding wind turbine engineers, wind turbine technicians and electrical grid engineers. Ireland is embarking on a huge plan for offshore wind energy and if even half of what is planned comes to fruition, then we'll need lots more people with these skills. At the moment . . . we can source hardly any at all in the Republic. It would certainly be worth a person's while to retrain in this area."

Edel Creely (MD of Trilogy Technologies)

"Our industry has more vacancies than we can get graduates to fill them. Progress is being made . . . with the various training schemes that have already been put in place.

"But the shortage means that our sector is having to source graduates from further afield, particularly those who have both technology and language skillsets.

Every time we go to recruit again we are encountering increasing challenges in finding the right people."

Kieran Sweeney (Version1 IT)

"As an Irish-owned company it is hugely important to us to create local jobs and we make use of all Irish sources, including Job Bridge, Springboard and so on, to give people new careers.

"Lately we have had to be active in the Baltic states and in Portugal to recruit and find the people we need. All multi-nationals servicing Europe need (lots) of people with both very good technology skills and good language skills."

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