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Wednesday 21 August 2019

'We don't learn this kind of thing' - British people struggle when asked to draw the Irish border

One of the attempts at drawing the Irish border
One of the attempts at drawing the Irish border

Sean Nolan

A Channel 4 news report asked British people on the street to draw the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland on a map.

The results are best described as mixed.

Some make a decent stab at it but most of those asked to draw the border include Donegal in the UK.

Others make less accurate attempts at drawing the line that has existed for almost a century, with one cutting the country in half just below the Dublin to Galway line.

Those who were quizzed by Channel 4 were also asked for what they thought about the border issue in relation to Brexit.

While some raised legitimate concerns about the free movement of people between north and south and how that would work in a post-Brexit world, others were less sympathetic to the issue.

One person suggested the best solution would be for Ireland to leave the EU too and another said Ireland was "just making trouble because they lost" before saying that "the southern Irish have to lump it, basically."

Earlier in the day a news report featured former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith who said that Ireland was 'showboating' over the border issue because of an upcoming presidential election, which doesn't show a huge level of understanding of the Irish political system either.

A presidential election won't take place here until November next year and, of course, the result would have no bearing on any policy taken by the government as the role is largely ceremonial.

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