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Monday 24 September 2018

'We can't walk around our own home without being jolted into the reality' - father of Deirdre Jacob who went missing in 1998

Michael and Bernadette Jacob with their missing daughter Deirdre (inset)
Michael and Bernadette Jacob with their missing daughter Deirdre (inset)
Deirdre Jacob

Fionnuala Walsh

The father of a young woman who went missing 20 years ago said he cannot walk around his own home without being "jolted into the reality" of what happened.

Deirdre Jacob was just 18 years old when she disappeared on a walk from home at Roseberry, outside Newbridge, in Co Kildare.

Speaking on RTE One's Late Late Show last night, her father Michael said "a huge chunk" of their life came to a halt on the day Deirdre went missing.

"You can't walk from one room in the house to another without encountering something that will jolt you into the reality of what has happened," Michael said.

"A huge chunk of our family life came to an abrupt halt on the 28th of July 1998 and that chunk of our family life has never moved on.

"That is very very difficult to get over."

Deirdre Jacob
Deirdre Jacob

He continued; "The anguish that you feel, maybe when someone looks at a photograph, just as simple as that.

"Maybe a photograph that was taken somewhere between the last nineteen and a half years, a family photograph and you know in your heart that Deirdre should be in that photograph.

Deirdre Jacob
Deirdre Jacob

"Those sort of things are heart wrenching reminders of what has happened," he added.

"There are so many reminders along the way, there are so many other family events that have come and gone that Deirdre should have been part of and its very very difficult to comprehend.

"Having been to many many other places and having spent a year at college in London, in other areas where you would expect danger to be, but the last positive sighting of Deirdre was outside our gate just after 3 o’clock on that afternoon and as I said earlier, that’s when that portion of our lives just stopped."

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