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Monday 19 February 2018

'We are not deliberate saboteurs' - Wedding band apologise after missing the big day

Wedding. Picture posed
Wedding. Picture posed

Meadhbh McGrath

A Dublin band has apologised after they failed to show up to a wedding last Friday.

Delorean, a 1980s tribute band, were booked to play at a wedding in Galway, and the couple were shocked when the hours passed with no sign of them and no notice of their cancellation.

The groom wrote online: “It was only when the hotel wedding planner came to our table at 8:30pm to say that the band hadn't set up and had we a contact number for them that we realised something very bad was up.”

Luckily, the couple had booked a wedding DJ separately, but the groom said the band’s absence caused “a huge amount of panic and stress” for him and his wife.

“I feel so sorry for my wife. She is still so upset that her big day was ruined,” he added.

Since the wedding, Delorean’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments from disgruntled guests.

“In absolute disbelief of the unprofessionalism and complete disregard that this band had for a couple, last weekend, when they didn’t show up for their wedding,” wrote one user.

Another described the move as “heartbreaking”.

“It was such a beautiful fairy tale wedding until the band did not show up. How could human beings be so cruel as to do this to a couple on their special day?”

The bride’s mother also took to Facebook to write: “What a disgrace, we her mother, father, family and friends who travelled from Australia, California, Canada, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Wales and England were so disappointed.

“I would not like any other couple to feel the way our daughter and her husband felt on that night, supposed to be the most important day of the start of their new life together, their wedding day.

“I can’t express the way I felt and will never forget the disappointment for such a lovely young couple.”

Speaking to, the band’s lead guitarist Thomas Brunkard said they had apologised to the clients.

“Delorean have been in the wedding business for six years and we know and value the importance of each of our clients' big day.  It was with much regret that we had to cancel last Friday's performance at late notice and we extend publicly the apology we gave our clients privately,” he said.

“Any wedding supplier would concur that this is a professional's worst nightmare. There's always a risk that something can go wrong and after nearly four hundred shows the probabilities fell against us. 

“Nobody can prepare for every outcome and in this case we truly had no alternative despite preparing processes for nearly every worst case scenario.”

Mr Brunkard said the reasons behind the cancellation were “between the band and the client”, but he expressed his regret that they couldn’t perform.

“Some of the comments online suggest we were deliberate saboteurs though in our business reputation is everything so any supplier cancelling can only occur in an extreme situation.

“We deeply regret that despite our best efforts circumstances prevented us from performing.” 

He added: “Now that we have seen the worst possible crisis in this regard, this will make us better prepared in future and in time we hope to share the lessons of this unfortunate series of events with our fellow wedding suppliers.”

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