Friday 27 April 2018

Water costs more than beer in pub

Aideen Sheehan

Aideen Sheehan

WATER costs more in pubs than beer, a new survey has found.

Mineral water cost €9.44 per litre on average compared with €7.92 a litre for stout and €8.71 for brand-name beers, according to the survey by Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone.

Soft drinks cost even more, with cola costing €13.45 per litre -- the most expensive drink in the survey of over 100 Dublin pubs.

Ms Noone criticised the high price of non-alcoholic drinks at a time when people were being encouraged to drink less.

"This survey shows it's actually more expensive to spend your night sipping on water or soft drinks instead of beer or stout. How can this make sense?" she said.

"This isn't just about encouraging people to drink sensibly. It's also about the fact that punters are clearly being ripped off," she added.

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