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Watchdog is bound to put squeeze on soft drinks ad full of suggestive 'bits'

IT has no fewer than 32 close-up shots of pert, bronzed breasts in less than 60 seconds, and it's taking the internet by storm.

But the new Club Orange advertisement is set to spark a flurry of complaints when it is launched on prime time television later this summer. The ad, which features dozens of models suggestively asking, "Do you like my bits?" before offering, "Come, let me show them to you", has gone viral since being launched in cyberspace in recent weeks.

Chemistry Ireland, the advertising agency behind the commercial, has defended the campaign and denied that it is sexually gratuitous.

Account director Sinead Cosgrave explains: "You have to earn viewers' eyeballs -- you can't just assume you'll have their attention because you buy a slot on television. And you have to talk in a way that's relevant.

"We wanted to remind people why they enjoy Club Orange and what sets it apart from its competitors -- the juicy bits.

"We're talking to young males and we have to get their attention. And at the end of the day, who is going to watch an advertise- ment all about oranges?"

Directed at young male viewers, a release for the ad explains that the drink, famous for its refreshing taste and "bits", for the first time ever invites fans into its "Squeezing Rooms".

It goes on: "Employing the sexiest and most skillful orange squeezers this planet has ever seen, Club finally reveals how each 'bit' is lovingly hand-squeezed from some of the world's juiciest oranges by some of the universe's most dedicated fruit workers."

In the ad, voluptuous women purr into the camera and announce: "I squeezed them myself this morning."

It comes after an advertisement campaign for Hunky Dory crisps, launched last year and featuring women playing rugby under straplines such as "Are you staring at my crisps?" and "Tackle these", attracted a large number of complaints to the advertising watchdog.

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