Tuesday 19 March 2019

WATCH: 'You won't stop me' - Irish teen (13) writes powerful song about bullying

Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Ruby O Kelly, a 13-year-old girl from Ballyjames in Cavan, has written and performed a powerful song about the affects bullying can have on children.

Ruby’s song ‘You Won’t Stop Me’ features the lyrics, “you won’t stop me, ‘cause I will fly someday” and sends a message to children who may be suffering from bullying to get help and to stand up to their bullies.

According to her mother Sharon, Ruby decided to write the song when she was 12-years'-old when she saw first-had the effect that bullying had on her friends and her brother.

“She wrote this song about the big issue of bullying because she saw the affect that bullying has had on her own brother and some friends from school,” Sharon said.

“Her brother was very badly bullied for the last 10 years. He has been completely persecuted in school. He has great support in the family here but we have been through hell and back with him.

“The anxiety that develops from this. The paranoia, the upset. They don’t eat. When a child is being bullied it’s not just they’re crying and they have no friends to go out with. Their self-image and the way they see the world is different. When they go to speak in public they haven’t got the confidence.”

Ruby has performed her song several times since she released in on her YouTube channel ‘Miss Ruby Music’, including live in the RDS on Sunday.

According to her Mam, Ruby’s song has had a huge effect already on initiating conversations between children and their parents about bullying.

“The phone has not stopped. She’s getting messages from people she never thought she would. A friend of hers messaged her the other night and said Ruby, ‘my Mam saw the video and asked me why I had been so quiet and by you doing that video I had the courage to tell my Mam I was being bullied.’

“People feel that they can’t tell their Mam but they’re mentioning the video over dinner and when they tell them that they’re going through that, the conversation is now opening and the parents are intervening.”

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