Saturday 24 March 2018

WATCH: What would be the first thing you would do as Taoiseach?

Zainab Boladale

What would be the first thing you'd do as Taoiseach?

Leo Varadkar has been in the new job almost two months, and it's going well so far. have hit the streets and asked people what they would do if they became leader of the country.

"I'd try and make it great again," quipped Carl Keogh (32), quoting the famous Donald Trump catchphrase in the context of Ireland.

He said that as Taoiseach his priority would be to "help lower homelessness" and "give power to the poor without turning into a socialist lunatic".

Mental health, the health system and political gender imbalance were also popular issues which some people felt they'd prioritise.

One man felt that "after years and years of mental health neglect", nobody has successfully tackled the issue properly.

Vincent Gallagher (40) said that "the number one thing that sticks out is our health system at the moment".

Two women said that they would focus on the Repeal The Eighth movement, while another woman said that she would primarily work on changing the gender imbalance in the cabinet.

Bluntly put, Charlie Dolan (63) said he would "sack all the politicians".

Watch all the ideas above and let us know what you would do in the comments below

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