Monday 23 October 2017

WATCH: Trinity students gather mark Holi - the Indian festival of colours

Meadhbh McGrath

Hundreds of students from Trinity College Dublin gathered today in the college's front square to mark the Indian festival of colours, Holi.

The event, organised by the Trinity Indian Society, saw eager students crowd the square to cover each other in powdered paint in celebration of the arrival of spring.

Holi is a major Hindu festival held each March, and is mainly celebrated in Nepal and India, but has been spreading across the globe.

“It’s also known as the festival of colours because people from all races and states come together and throw colour at each other,” Anchal Jain, Public Relations Officer of Trinity’s Indian Society, told

The Indian Society have been running the Holi festival in the college for six years, but this was their fastest selling event to date, with tickets selling out in just four hours.

“We saw it on Facebook and we were like, let’s go for it. The photos from last year were really cool,” said one young woman attending the Holi festival.

Another young man noted that he enjoys how the festival embraces multiculturalism within the college.

“For me, it’s about unity, especially because of all the different cultures in Trinity. Everyone will come together and enjoy the festival.”

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