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WATCH: Tralee community hosts street dance to lift spirit of cocooning neighbours

A community in Tralee Co Kerry has hosted a social distancing friendly street dance in a bid to lift the spirits of cocooning neighbours.

Mrs Mary O’Brien (91) and her son Labour Cllr Terry O’Brien received some light entertainment from their neighbours just outside of Tralee.

The neighbours in their housing estate in Tornavan take to the street each morning at 10am to do some exercise.

They played Abba’s Mamma Mia on Friday as Radio Kerry had an initiative encouraging the county’s biggest sing-along.

Organised by Theresa O’Brien and Mary Gardiner, Mrs O’Brien’s neighbours took to the street in colourful style and she joined in on some of the dancing too.

“It was great to see, it was an absolutely amazing scene,” said photojournalist Dominick Walsh, who captured the moment on video.

“They kept to social distancing by marking out spots on the ground with pegs and each person was allowed to move within a foot of the peg.

“Everybody was in great spirits and it was great to see a little bit of joy and laughter in midst of the darkness,” he added.

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