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WATCH: 'The Rock' describes Kildare boy PJ (9) as a 'real-life hero' at Make-A-Wish meet-up


'The Rock' described Kildare boy PJ (9) as a 'real-life hero'

'The Rock' described Kildare boy PJ (9) as a 'real-life hero'

'The Rock' described Kildare boy PJ (9) as a 'real-life hero'

A nine-year-old Kildare boy's dream came true when he was described as a "real-life hero" by actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The American semi-retired professional wrestler recently welcomed PJ to the set of his Fast & Furious spin-off 'Hobbs & Shaw'.

PJ is living with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or in soft tissue, and requested a meet-up with 'The Rock' through the Make-A-Wish foundation.

"I'm really excited to be here, my wish is coming true," PJ told the crew as they waited for 'The Rock' to arrive.

PJ was joined by two other children, Cameron (11) and Lucy (6), for the on-set experience.

"We are on the set of Hobbs & Shaw and it's a very special day," 'The Rock' said as he arrived.

"We have some very special visitors on set and I've been waiting a very long time to meet them."

Speaking to the children, he continued; "We are lucky enough to play heroes, but these are the real-life heroes."

'The Rock' showered the three children with gifts, including sweaters, hats, headphones, shirts - and even a batch of his "special signature chocolate cookies".

And when PJ declared he "didn't have an Xbox" for the year's supply of video games, 'The Rock' returned with Xboxes for the three children.

"I got these made for you, I told them I was going to meet some really cool kids," he said.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation have thanked Dwanye Johnson for granting PJ's wish, with PJ's mum Tanya adding; "This moment is a chance of a lifetime, he's just so happy, he really is."

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