Tuesday 24 October 2017

WATCH: Skerries lighthouse stars in the cutest video about the 'The Loneliest Boy in The World'

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

The stunning Skerries lighthouse features in one of the cutest videos you'll see all week about a young boy living on the Blasket Islands.

Young Jacob, who has been dubbed the "loneliest boy in the world" lives with just his dad on the desert islands.

The piece created by Ciarán Dooley from Banjoman Films, is titled ‘The Loneliest Boy’ and was based on a newspaper article by Liam Robinson from the 1940s entitled The Loneliest Boy in the World.

It’s the true story of a young boy who began to pick up the affectations of the older men he was hanging around with, dressing like them, sitting and standing like them etc.

He was totally unaware of his own childhood and behaved like a miniature adult.

Ciarán's vision for this film was a 21st century version of this story.

He was inspired by the viral community support of the Dancing Man and he wanted a more active version of The Loneliest Boy, where we can show that the internet and technology are a positive tool in bringing people together.

Jacob sends out a video on YouTube, inviting people to his birthday party. The video goes viral and boats full of people make a trip to the island to celebrate his birthday.

Watch the heartwarming video, to see how the story unfolds.

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