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Sunday 18 August 2019

WATCH: See how drugs are getting smuggled into Ireland's most notorious prison

David Kearns

CCTV footage of blatant drug smuggling between inmates and visitors shows the challenge guards are facing in trying to control the supply of illicit drugs into Irish prisons.

Video filmed inside Mountjoy prison shows the different ways that inmates are smuggling drugs in.

One such clip shows a visitor passing a small package to a prisoner during an intimate moment.

The exchange is spotted on the visiting room camera, and as guards move in the prisoner reacts instantly to hide the small quantity of drugs.

Challenged over the package, the female visitor launches into a foul tirade at prison staff and accuses them of singling her out repeatedly.

“This happened to me on Friday here too… It’s a pain in my ****. I’m straight. I’ve done nothing. I’ll smash that camera I will,” she yells as she is lead away.

The footage airs tonight as part of TV3’s new series ‘The Joy’.

Another clip from this evening’s episode shows a person throwing a parcel of drugs over the prison walls and into the yard, where it is lifted by a prisoner and quickly spirited away.

An officer looking at the scene says the prisoner will most likely, “put [the drugs] up his rear passage”.

“He’ll 'cheek' it for later and then distribute it when no guards are about.”

Also to feature in third episode of series tonight at on TV3 at 10pm is a vicious assault on a prison guard by an inmate.

Striking the officer repeatedly with the handle of the brush, the prisoner calls on others to join in on the unprovoked attack.

It only takes a few seconds however before he is tackled by other guards.

Commenting on the incident while watching video of the altercation, Chief Officer Paul Burke said: “[The first prisoner] takes the brush off the cleaner on the landing and immediately goes at staff.   

“It could have developed, it’s just that other prisoners didn’t get involved even though the first prisoner, that started the whole incident, was calling for other prisoners to get involved.

Adding: “It could have turned very nasty very quick.”

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