WATCH: Renowned sculptor transforms Dublin dentist-tree into a giant tooth

The tooth and toothbrush were sculpted by British-based tree carver Tommy Craggs. Photo: Robert Molloy

Rachel Farrell

A renowned tree sculptor has transformed a tree outside a Dublin dentistry into a giant tooth- and it has to be seen to be believed.

The old tree, on the grounds of Molloy Dental in Santry, has been turned into a large tooth and toothbrush by self-taught wood sculptor Tommy Craggs.

Robert Molloy of Molloy Dental explained that they wanted to turn the tree into something "beautiful" when they were told it had to be removed.

"The tree was unfortunately leaning down towards the road side and we were advised that it needed to come down, as it may end up on the road bringing down live ESB power lines with it at best and at worst landing on a car," Robert told

Craggs has already redesigned other trees in Dublin, including a well-known sculpture in St. Anne's park in Clontarf.

"I'd seen the carved tree by Tommy in St. Anne's Park and it's very beautiful, so the idea came from that,“ Robert explained.

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"I just thought instead of knocking such a huge tree down, why not do something with it. It could be something very aesthetically beautiful."

The dentist sent Craggs pictures of the tree and told them their ideas, but explained that they wanted to give him free reign to create "his magic".

The staff at Molloy Dental wanted to turn the tree into "something beautiful"

"We basically gave him artistic license, he's the creative one, we just gave him the idea," he said.

"We contacted him to come over and he agreed, and as you will see he has created his magic again."

Mr. Molloy hopes the tree will become a topic of conversation in the area, while also attracting customers too.

"I think it will be a great conversation piece for the area. Hopefully there is an element of it being good for business too."