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WATCH: Offaly hurlers call on public to 'stay safe, stay healthy and keeping killing' coronavirus

Teenage Offaly hurlers have urged the public to keep on fighting COVID-19 by engaging in social distancing and sanitising as they showed off their hurling skills in a new music video.

The video shows Offaly's minor hurlers fighting the disease by to a cover of Where is the Love? by local musician Dickie Donnelly.

The lads are seen sanitising their gear, hurleys and even sliotars in a bid to fight the virus as they practise their hurling skills in back gardens and do sit ups in their living rooms.

The idea was a brainchild of mothers Joan Mahon and Kealin Landy, who have sons who play on the team.

Coach Leonard Deane told Independent.ie that the video is a bid to encourage younger people to actively fight in stopping the virus.

"We thought that it might be a good way to put across the message of social distancing and washing your hands to young people," he said.

"The younger generations might relate to the younger generations better, instead of it coming from politicians."

He said that he was very proud of the players and that taking part in the video amid lockdown lifted their spirits.

"It's not easy for them to do it and they're a credit to their parents," he said.

"You can see taking part in something more lighthearted has brought a smile to their face," Mr Deane added.

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