WATCH: MEP candidate Ben Gilroy's 'hurley-smashing' campaign video goes viral

Ben Gilroy

MEP candidate, Ben Gilroy, uses a hurley to destroy 'state corruption' in bizarre campaign video.

MEP candidate Ben Gilroy’s campaign video has garnered over 300,000 views overnight.

Words like ‘state corruption’, ‘constitution violation’ and ‘stealing wealth’ are written on the white-boards.

The video features the candidate smashing up a several white plaster boards with a hurley.

The video, which is two and a half minutes long, ends with the candidate saying; “The choice is yours, are you still going to be victims, or do you want someone to fight for ya?

“I’m the man, everybody knows it, pick someone who does it, rather than talks, and he has to be tough,” the candidate says, before attempting to smash up his own posters with the hurley.

The independent candidate is running in the European elections in Dublin.