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Saturday 25 November 2017

WATCH: Man tries to steal and cycle bike away - while it's still locked to the railings

Alan O'Keeffe

An addict was caught by gardai trying to steal and cycle a bicycle away – while it was still locked to a railing.

The incident in the city centre was yet another example of the scourge of illegal drugs in Dublin and its harmful effects.

Man tried to cycle away on a still-locked bike in Dublin
Man tried to cycle away on a still-locked bike in Dublin

The man’s actions appeared bizarre as he climbed onto the locked bicycle and tried to pedal away.

The man did not respond to a passer-by who showed concern about his behaviour.

He then appeared to notice a U-lock on the crossbar which locked the bicycle to the railings of a city centre restaurant.

He tried to yank the bicycle away from the railings and persisted in trying to cycle  it.

A garda on patrol in the Temple Bar area approached the man and sought to gain his attention, but he continued to be oblivious to the presence of the officer.

A passer-by who witnessed the scene told the Herald the man eventually realised the garda was speaking to him.

It was obvious that the bicycle did not belong to the man, said the passer-by.

The man ended up being searched by the garda, who found prescription drugs in a pocket of the man’s trousers.

“I heard the garda asking the man about being in possession of prescription drugs that actually belonged to another named person,” he said.

The incident happened recently in broad daylight  in the Meeting House Square area of the city centre. The man became quite docile once he realised the garda was asking him questions.

“He didn’t give the garda any trouble. He didn’t appear to be able to explain how he was in possession of someone else’s medications,” he said.

The man was arrested and taken away from the scene by gardai in an unmarked garda car.

“The man was clearly under the influence of drugs. He didn’t seem to see anyone as he was trying to pedal away.

“People who watched the arrest said bicycles have been stolen from the area in the past and were later found damaged and dumped not far away,” he said.

The public are encountering an ever-increasing number of people daily in the city centre who appear to be under the influence of illegal drugs.

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