Sunday 22 April 2018

Watch: Kayaker rescues family dog after she fell into a river

Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

A kayaker rescued a family’s pet dog yesterday after she fell into the River Suir and was left hanging onto a swan’s nest for more than an hour.

The Messingers’ dog Daisy, just a few months old, fell into the river and was “swept down stream right in front of [their] eyes.”

Dave, his wife Lisa and their two sons spent an hour searching for Daisy when they found her hanging on to an old swan’s nest on a tree that had fallen into the river.

They ran into some friends of theirs, who spotted Wesley, a kayaker looking for a friend’s lost paddle.

“I went back down the river looking for a paddle that one of the lads had lost and I saw a lady shouting on the side of the river, pointing and asking me to help find her dog. I kept going the way she said and I found the pup, barely hanging on to this tree,” Wesley told

Wesley managed to rescue Daisy from the tree and bring her back up the river, handing her off to a friend of Dave’s who climbed down a ladder to grab her.

“The kids were very upset at the time; Harry said his heart was beating really fast,” Dave told “We heard them in their room today talking about how glad there are that Daisy’s okay.

“We brought her to the vet after and she was fine; she was bouncing around today like nothing happened,” Dave continued. “We’re just glad she’s alright.”

The Messinger family were grateful to Wesley for helping to rescue Daisy, but he said it was just what anyone would do.

“I was just in the right place at the right time. I have two dogs at home myself; you couldn’t but help a dog in that situation.”

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