Friday 15 December 2017

WATCH: Irish GP admits she was the woman caught fleeing hotel with a €15k Steven McQueen painting Newsdesk Newsdesk

A GP has confessed to stealing a €15,000 print of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen "in a moment of madness" from Belfast's new Bullitt Hotel.

CCTV footage of Dr Jill Purce from Ballymena  carrying the huge 6ft 4in print down a street in Belfast last week went viral online.

The print was left on the street after they were unable to fit it into a car.

Dr Purce tearfully confessed to the Sunday Life newspaper that it was her, and revealed her accomplice has gone to the police to hand the pair in.

She added she now feels too ashamed of herself to leave her house.

The PSNI are investigating the incident, and the picture has now been secured to a wall in the Bullitt Hotel to prevent a repeat.

Belfast Telegraph

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